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We're Recruiting for End-of-Life Care Vets in South East London 

Are you a compassionate veterinarian who loves helping older pets at the end of their life?


Are you an empathetic listener capable of helping families navigate an emotionally challenging time?


Are you OK with solitude when working and on the road?


Do you generally like stability and clear processes, but can be adaptable and think on your feet when things don’t quite fit the normal mould?


If this sounds like you, then please read on. We have a role that you might enjoy.

A Word From One Of Our Vets

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Dr Emma Clark

I am privileged to be invited into families' homes on a daily basis to meet their treasured pets and give veterinary help, advice and comfort at a time when they need it the most.


We are looking for full-time vets to develop and grow in and around our London hub network. The daily work volume is (compared to GP roles) comparatively low and though flexibility is needed, you’ll be likely to build to an average of 4 appointments in a day between the hours of 9am to 6pm.

This role is basically perfect for an empathetic vet who is done with the chaos of general practice life. Someone who wants to help families make the big decisions. Someone who is happy in a car, willing to think outside the box to help families, and probably loves a good podcast or audiobook while driving. You’ll rest in your bed each night without the stress so many others experience."

South East London Service Area

Our South East services will be available in the near future in the following boroughs:


  • Bexley

  • Bromley

  • Greenwich

  • Lewisham

  • Southwark


*Postcodes that are within the congestion zone/ULEZ may incur additional charges.

Why Become An
End-of-Life Care Vet?

Our Services

To book an appointment with Dr Liz in North East London, simply click the button below to call our Care Coordinator, or fill out the booking form below and receive a call back within 30 minutes during our opening hours. 

Find Out More

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