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In-Home Dog Euthanasia
in Belfast

We believe that all pets deserve a peaceful farewell in the place where they feel most comfortable, surrounded by loved ones.

Our In-Home Dog Euthanasia Services in Belfast Offer:

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A compassionate and peaceful end for your beloved pet, surrounded by family and in the comfort of your own home

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A meaningful and personal goodbye, away from the sterile environment of a vet clinic

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Fonder final memories, as well as follow-up after care and bereavement support

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Steve's Mum, Horatia

My thanks go to you and the team in walking me through Stephen’s last months. You all made a very difficult time very much easier. I have rarely come across so much compassion and understanding. I have recommended you and the team to every pet owner I know.
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Our End-of-Life Services in Belfast


In-Home Euthanasia

In-Home Palliative Care

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Memorials & Cremation


Bereavement Support

Commonly Asked Questions

Discussing the right time to say farewell is undoubtedly the most challenging yet crucial discussion a vet can engage in with the pet families we support. Approaching the subject of passing requires a deep level of empathy, openness, impartiality, and heartfelt compassion.

Why Is In-Home Euthanasia Better?

Saying farewell to your pet at home offers numerous advantages for both you and your pet, including:

  • The opportunity to schedule your pet’s appointment at a time that suits everyone, including outside of normal surgery hours, and at short notice

  • Allowing your pet to be in their own surroundings, where they are relaxed and less anxious

  • Allowing your pet to be in their favourite location, with familiar smells

  • Less stress for pets who are difficult to transport

  • The presence of other household pets, which can facilitate quicker healing after the loss of their companion

  • Enabling more family members to be present than in a small veterinary office

  • The possibility to bury your pet, if desired, without difficult transportation issues

  • The ability to mourn for your pet in peace

How Much Notice Do You Need For a Euthanasia?

24 hours notice is ideal where possible so that adequate arrangements can be made - this includes working out transportation routes, parking requirements and after care options. But we can usually accommodate requests made on the same day.

How Do I Know If My Pet Is In Pain?

There are many signs that are often missed by pet owners that are useful to know, too many to list in a short answer, But we’d encourage you to read this article on our website to learn more.

Should My Children Be Present During the Euthanasia?

We are very happy for the whole family to be present, but this is a personal choice. Children react differently based on their age and stage of emotional development. It is quite normal to be upset, for example, and it can help children to be present as death is a natural part of life

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Our Belfast Vet, Dr. Helen Beattie

Our Belfast vet Dr. Helen Beattie is a compassionate and experienced end-of-life care veterinarian. Her love for animals, a gift nurtured by her parents, has always been a driving force in her life. Today, she shares her home with two energetic cocker spaniels, Charlie and Fergus.

Belfast Service Area

We currently offer our service in the following postal code areas in Greater Belfast:

BT1, BT2, BT3, BT4, BT5, BT6, BT7, BT8, BT9, BT10, BT11, BT12, BT13, BT18.

BT14 6, BT14 7, BT14 8.


BT16 1, BT16 2.


BT19 1, BT19 5.

BT20 3, BT20 4.

BT23 3, BT23 4, BT23 7. 

BT27 4, BT27 5, BT27 6.

BT28 1.

BT38 8, BT36 4, BT36 5, BT36 6, BT36 7, BT37.

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