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Daisy Bourhabi ❤️

Daisy was a wonderful, caring member of our family. 12 years ago she adopted us, after turning up at our door out of the blue, covered in fleas. We took her in and daisy made herself at home. We never looked back. We had some amazing memories with her in our family

One of our favourite things about daisy was her love of food, always wanting what everyone was eating! She never lost this spirit up until the day she passed.

Unfortunately, daisy developed cancer which had spread and we were faced with the difficult decision of how to go about her end of life. Fortunately, we came across Roundwood Vets and we will never ever forget the amount of care and support we received from the initial phone call to the moment Dr. Emma arrived for Daisy’s send off.

Throughout the process, there was always a calm, soothing and relaxed atmosphere and something important to us was that daisy was at home, peaceful and comfortable and this is exactly how the experience was.

And we are forever grateful for that. Dr. Emma made the whole experience a perfect send off for our lovely Daisy, we couldn’t have asked for any better.

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