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Best Dog Walks in Belfast: A Guide for Pet Owners

Charlie and Fergus out for a walk in Billy Neill's, Belfast
Charlie and Fergus out for a walk in Billy Neill's, Belfast

Belfast is a paradise for dog owners, offering a rich tapestry of landscapes from historical gardens to verdant parks, perfect for exploring with your furry friends. This guide combines the best destinations for dog walking in Belfast, ensuring you and your pet enjoy varied and fulfilling outdoor adventures across the city.

Cave Hill Country Park: A Hiker's Dream

For those who love a challenge paired with stunning city views, Cave Hill Country Park is unmatched. Offering extensive trails through woods and meadows, it culminates at the iconic Napoleon's Nose, providing panoramic vistas of Belfast below. It's an ideal spot for dogs with energy to burn and owners who appreciate a scenic hike.

Belmont Park: A Peaceful Suburban Oasis

Dr. Helen Beattie with her dog in Belmont Park, Belfast

Belmont Park serves as a tranquil retreat nestled in one of Belfast's charming suburbs. With its well-maintained paths and quiet surroundings, it's ideal for pet owners seeking a peaceful walk. The park's gentle landscape and welcoming atmosphere make it perfect for a leisurely stroll with your dog, away from the city's hustle and bustle. It’s a hidden gem where both you and your furry friend can relax and enjoy the simpler pleasures of nature.

Stormont Estate: A Blend of Nature and Governance

Stormont Estate combines expansive greenery with the grandeur of Northern Ireland’s Parliament Buildings. Offering wide paths and lush landscapes, it's a serene place for dog walking, where pets can enjoy the open space under the watchful eyes of their owners. The estate's historical significance and natural beauty provide a unique backdrop for leisurely strolls or more brisk walks, making it a distinguished destination within Belfast's dog walking scene.

Antrim Castle Gardens & Clotworthy House: Steeped in History

Antrim Castle Gardens Belfast

A stone's throw from Belfast's city centre, Antrim Castle Gardens & Clotworthy House present a historical backdrop for peaceful walks. The 60-acre gardens date back to the 17th century, offering a serene landscape, perfect for a leisurely stroll. It’s a unique spot combining natural beauty with a touch of Northern Ireland’s rich history, where dogs are welcome on a lead.

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park: Floral Splendour

Known for the City of Belfast International Rose Garden, Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is a floral haven. With 128 acres featuring barbequing spots, eco trails, and a coffee shop, it's a bustling location that promises a day full of exploration and relaxation for both you and your dog.

Alexandra Park: A Historical Divide

Alexandra Park, established in 1888, offers a mix of Victorian elegance and historical significance. Unique for being divided by a peace wall, it now symbolises community unity and provides a tranquil setting for dog walkers who enjoy a blend of history and nature.

Drumglass Park: A Community Gem

In south Belfast, Drumglass Park, also known as Cranmore or Marlborough Park, is a community favourite. Gifted to the city in 1924, it offers a quiet, green space for families and their dogs to unwind, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a peaceful walk.

Botanic Gardens: Exotic Flora and Fauna

The Botanic Gardens in Belfast

The Botanic Gardens are a must-visit for dog owners interested in exploring an array of exotic plants and architectural beauty. While dogs must be kept on a leash, the gardens offer a unique outdoor experience that's different from your typical park walk.

Ormeau Park: The Largest Parkland

Ormeau Park stands out for its extensive size and natural beauty. It’s an excellent location for dog walking in Belfast, offering wide-open spaces, eco trails, and a friendly atmosphere for dogs and owners alike to enjoy a day out in nature.

Cregagh Glens: A Challenging Beauty

A dog with a stick in Cregagh Glens, Belfast

Cregagh Glens offers an invigorating walk with its steep paths and numerous stairs, set against the backdrop of beautiful scenery. Perfect for dogs and owners looking for an adventurous outing, this trail promises a rewarding experience with every step, enveloped in the tranquil beauty of nature.

Billy Neil's: A Community Hub for Dogs

A dog out for walk in Belfast's Billy Neil's

Billy Neil's is a dream come true for dog enthusiasts, where pets can roam off-leash in the majority of the park. Featuring enclosed dog pens, a coffee van, and a picturesque lake, it’s a vibrant spot where the dog community thrives, making it an ideal location for social dogs and their owners.

Enhancing Your Dog Walking Experience in Belfast

Belfast's diverse landscapes offer dog owners numerous options for outdoor adventures. From the historical enchantment of Antrim Castle Gardens & Clotworthy House to the sprawling natural beauty of Ormeau Park, there's a spot for every preference. These locations not only provide ample space for exercise but also enrich the bond between you and your pet through shared experiences in some of Belfast's most beautiful settings.

As you explore these destinations, remember the importance of respecting the natural and historical significance of each location. Keeping your dog on a leash where required, picking up after your pet, and respecting wildlife and plant life ensure these beautiful spots remain enjoyable for everyone.


Dog walking in Belfast is an adventure, with each park and garden offering its unique charm and history. Whether you're seeking a vigorous hike, a floral paradise, or a tranquil walk in a historic setting, Belfast caters to all desires. 

Embrace the opportunity to discover these gems with your four-legged friend, enhancing your dog walking routine with the best that Belfast has to offer.


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