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How Memorials Can Help You Cope With The Grief

Losing a pet is hard. Really hard. You might feel like you will never find happiness again. But there are things that can help with the grieving process. One of which is creating a memorial for your beloved pet. Pet memorials can help trigger happy memories and remind us of the good times we shared with our furry friends. They can also help keep our pet's memory alive. If you're considering creating a memorial for your pet, read on to see how it could potentially help you deal with your grief.

The Grieving Process is Different For Everyone

Pet loss can be a heartbreaking experience, and there is no best or perfect way to work through it. Everyone's experience of grief and journey through it is unique and should be handled with respect and understanding. It can be easy for people who are not pet owners or those who have never lost a pet to dismiss such grief. But this is a mistake any pet owner can tell you, the pain felt can be surprisingly deep and long-lasting.

As such there’s no set timeline for how quickly or slowly someone should heal; nor is it wrong if the healing process takes longer for some than for others. In general, it’s important to allow yourself time to grieve in your own way without judgement or expectation. If you are navigating this journey, you may find solace in the support of other pet owners who have experienced similar losses. As well as counselling from a mental health professional trained in grief.

Memorials Can Help You Cope With The Grief of Losing Your Pet

Losing a pet can be one of life's most difficult experiences. The pain and grief of dealing with such a profound sense of loss can seem overwhelming but there are ways to help assist in the healing process. Taking meaningful steps, such as setting up a memorial or creating something can help you cope with the feeling of loss. A memorial or tribute can help in dealing with your pet's death as well as providing closure and a way of saying goodbye.

Options for Creating a Pet Memorial Memorial

Creating pet memorials can be a powerful way of honouring your pet’s life, and remembering them in a meaningful way. There are many pet memorials that you can choose from – including making donations or planting a tree; creating an album or book to remember them; throwing a pet funeral service with friends and family; or even holding a pet photo shoot before they pass.

But a memorial doesn't have to be anything grand or expensive – something simple like a stuffed animal that represents your pet, lighting a candle dedicated to them, or planting flowers in their memory are all small gestures that will bring closure and comfort at this difficult time.

Whatever type of pet memorial you create, it can help bring closure to this difficult time by turning the grief into an act of love.

You Don't Have to Do it Alone

At Roundwood Pet Hospice we deeply understand how hard experiencing pet loss is, and we want you to know that you don't have to go through it alone. We offer bereavement support both on the phone in the form of grief counselling, but also through connections you can form on our Facebook page where many pet owners help each other out in these times of need.

Should you need more help then don't forget there are many other resources available including Animal Samaritans, Blue Cross Bereavement, and Cats Protection are also great support services.

In addition, many online forums provide an open, understanding community for pet owners coping with pet loss. This can be a valuable source of support, comfort, and advice as you mourn your beloved pet. Together with assistance from these resources, know that talking to trusted friends and family members is also an effective form of therapy during this tough time. Our practice Facebook page is a good place to start.

Honouring Your Pet Helps You Heal

It is never easy to lose a pet and everyone grieves differently. From creating an online memorial page to planting a tree in their memory, there are many ways to honour the life of your beloved pet. Memorials can be an important part of the healing process and help bring closure during a difficult time. If you are having trouble dealing with grief, it is important to remember that you do not need to go through it alone. There are numerous outlets available, such as support groups, therapy hotlines, and organisations that can provide much-needed assistance during this trying period.

To learn more about coping with pet bereavement, read our interview with our lead vet, and end-of-life care advisor, Dr Emma Clark, here.


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