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Our Services

Our pets bring us so much joy. We watch them grow and become part of our families, providing companionship and happiness to all around them.


But as time passes and the years slip by, even the most energetic of pets can begin to slow down. Eventually, we are all faced with questions decision about how we can help our older pets live well, right to the very end. 

As an in-home hospice care provider, it's our job to help you answer those questions and partner with you to make good decisions to extend a pet's life where possible, and when it's not, to be able to say goodbye with love and dignity. Below you'll find out more about the services we offer to help care for your older pet.

An elderly dog on a bank of grass looking back at the camera

In-Home Euthanasia

We believe that all pets deserve a peaceful farewell in the place where they feel most comfortable, surrounded by loved ones. So we created a vet service to allow families and pets to experience a dignified and loving pet euthanasia at home. 

An elderly cat laying on a carpet in the sun

Hospice Care

Pet hospice care (also known as end-of-life care or palliative medicine) focuses on providing relief for animals with incurable conditions. Typically, pet hospice care is recommended by veterinarians when an animal is at a stage in their lives where a terminal illness or condition is causing a significant decline in a pet's quality of life. 

A rainbow

Pet Memorials

We offer a range of memorial options that can help you to remember your pet. From the simple act of leaving a message on our memorial wall, to having ashes returned or having a piece of art created. There are many ways to honour the memory of your departed pet.

An old man with his senior dog

Pet Loss Support

The grief we feel when losing a pet is real and painful. It can help to talk about the experience with our compassionate team. Everyone moves through grief in their own way. if you are struggling or have questions then speaking to one of our team can help. 

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