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An elderly golden retriever with their owner and the vet

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Are you looking to improve your knowledge of end-of-life care for your patients?

In our short three-part course, our lead veterinarian and end-of-life care vet, Dr Emma Clark, teaches you all about caring for elderly and/or terminally ill pets. From supporting geriatric pets, covering the different elements of hospice care, to giving the most empathetic ending through euthanasia. 

The course covers three topics:

  1. Caring For Our Geriatric Patients and Their Caregivers - Make Geriatrics Great Again!

  2. Helping Pets Live Well, Right to the End: The Five Elements of Hospice Care

  3. Euthanasia: Offering The Most Empathetic Ending

Join our course today, and start your journey to helping both pets and the families who love them to experience the best end-of-life care possible. 

Plus, our online course counts as three hours towards your annual CPD requirement.

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