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The professional fees for our services are as follows. All fees are inclusive of VAT.

In-Home Euthanasia Visit Fees are Charged According to Location: 

London & Southern England - £410.

Northern Ireland/Scotland/Wales - £175.

Midlands & Northern England - £295.

In-Home Quality of Life Assessment & Palliative Care Visit Fee

London & Southern England - £450.

Northern Ireland/Scotland/Wales - £195.

Midlands & Northern England - £450. 


Telehealth Consultation - £120.

Telehealth Advice Consultation Follow-Up - £60.

Body Care and Cremation Fees (one of the following will apply, all fees are based on weight)
Communal cremation*  0-14kg - £96.

Communal cremation* 15-29kg - £108.

Communal cremation* 30-44kg - £120.

Communal cremation* >44kg - £140.

Individual cremation 0-14kg - £190.

Individual cremation 15-29kg - £220.

Individual cremation 30-44kg - £250.

Individual cremation >44kg - £290.

Where crematory assistance is required (this might be needed for very large breed dogs) the cost of the crematory visit will be added to the fee.

Ashes can be returned in an engraved beech casket or a scatter box. 

Where ashes are collected from your local vet clinic there is no extra charge for delivery. If you would prefer ashes to be sent to your house then a courier fee of £50 will be charged.

If you have made alternative arrangements for body care after the euthanasia appointment no further fees are charged by Roundwood Pet Hospice.

If any prescription medications are required we will either refer you back to your own vet for these or we can provide you with a written prescription if this is preferred. Additional prescription fees will apply.

*Please note that no ashes will be returned when communal creation is selected. If you would like your pet's ashes returned then select an individual cremation.

Dr Helen Beattie, an end of life care veterinarian, with her dog

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