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About Us

Roundwood Pet Hospice exists to help pets live well right to the end and leave families with enduring, happy memories. We are an independent, mobile vet practice focused on the end of a pet’s life when diagnostics or surgery are no longer needed. We deliver in-home euthanasia and provide palliative management for terminally ill pets.

Meet The Team

Our Story

Welcome to Roundwood Pet Hospice, a mobile veterinary practice dedicated to caring for terminally ill pets during their final days, weeks, or months.

Our journey began with our founder, Dr Dave Nicol, a seasoned veterinarian with over 25 years of experience. A Glasgow Vet School graduate, Dr Dave has enhanced the lives of thousands of pets in the UK and Australia, gaining invaluable experience and unique insights into pet care.


While practising in Australia, Dr Dave had the fortune of collaborating with Paws For Thought, a remarkable rescue organisation focused on the most vulnerable: old, infirm, and unloved dogs abandoned in shelters. This relationship ignited a special bond between Dr Dave and these resilient 'crusties’, as he fondly refers to older pets. It laid the cornerstone for the compassionate journey that would eventually crystalise into Roundwood Pet Hospice.


Roundwood Pet Hospice followed some years later amid the global pandemic. What initially started as an idea to establish a community-based service for London-based clients became a profound realisation. We recognised the desperate need for a service that could take some of the workload the pressure away from hugely overworked local vet practices and provide end-of-life care to pets in the comfort and familiarity of their homes.

Today we are a mobile palliative care practice, exclusively catering to terminally ill pets and their families. Our work makes life comfortable for the animals and prepares families for when the time comes to say goodbye. At which point, we will be there to perform the euthanasia, at home, as a final act of love and kindness.

Our Locations

Roundwood Pet Hospice appointments are currently available in North West London, North East London and Belfast.

We are also currently hiring in multiple locations across the UK.


If you're a veterinarian in Bristol/Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh and South Fife, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool/Manchester, London (SE, and SW), Newcastle/Sunderland, Nottingham or Southampton/Portsmouth, and would like to work in palliative care, get in touch!

We'd love to hear from you, and you can check out the opportunities to join our team here.

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