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How to Cope with Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Losing a pet can be a challenging experience. Pets become a member of your family, and their passing can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, various support services are available for those grieving the loss of a pet.

Pet Loss Helplines

Pet loss helplines can provide you with emotional support and guidance. You will talk to a volunteer who understands what losing a pet is like. Sometimes talking about what's on your mind can make you feel so much better. Some popular hotlines are:

Pet Loss Support Groups

Pet loss support groups allow you to share your grief with others who have gone through a similar experience. These groups meet regularly and may be facilitated by trained counsellors or volunteers. Pet loss support groups are typically free of charge and provide a safe space for pet owners to share their feelings and memories of their pets. Some pet loss support groups meet in person, while others are virtual.

Some support groups include:


If the grieving process becomes overwhelming or disruptive, professional help may be necessary. In this case, a licensed mental health professional can help support you. They can offer techniques and strategies to help manage emotions, find coping mechanisms, and find ways to move with your grief. They can also help individuals identify if their grief extends into depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders.

Memorialising Your Pet

Some pet owners find solace in a pet memorial after they've passed away. Some memorialisation services provide a platform for pet owners to connect with other members of the pet community who can offer support and understanding. A cat memorial or dog memorial could be an option to capture your memories with your pet. Consider the following for pet memorialisation:

  • Roundwood Pet Hospice Memorial Wall

  • Planting a tree

  • Scattering or burying the ashes

  • Pet urns

  • Having a pet memorial with loved ones

  • Making a scrapbook or photo album

Losing a pet can be a challenging and emotional experience. However, recognising the available support services is an essential first step in managing your grief. Remember, it is okay to reach out for emotional support when you need it. It is also important to remember the positive memories and the love we had when they were with us. Cherish those memories as they will last forever.

Visit our memorial wall to see all the pets we’ve had the privilege of meeting.


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