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Introducing Dr Liz!

Meet Dr Liz Munro, our new veterinarian, based in North East London.

Liz graduated in 2004 from the Royal Veterinary College, and since then has worked as a veterinarian in practice.

At home, Liz has three pets - Piggle, a little old guinea pig who was rescued with his late housemate, Ruby, who was a stray cat that walked into the vet practice Liz used to work at, and a tank full of tropical fish!

We are very excited to have Liz join Roundwood Pet Hospice, extending her expertise to assist other families in North East London.

Here’s a letter from Dr Liz herself…

Hi, my name is Liz and I am the palliative and end-of-life care Vet for the North East London area for Roundwood Vet Hospice.

I have been a Vet for 19 years, and for the past 17 of those have been working in Veterinary clinics treating pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits in East London.

Throughout my time working as a Vet, the patients I have enjoyed working with most are those in their ‘twilight years’. Being able to give these golden oldies a bit of extra love, and working with their carers to help keep them healthy and comfortable in their final years has always been very rewarding for me. I also feel it’s such a privilege to be there with families at the end of the journey with their pets. To be able to provide a service in a dignified and calm manner, with both pet and owner in familiar surroundings feels like very worthy work to do.

I really enjoy tailoring care to the individual pet and carer so that the bond between them can be enjoyed right up until the end. I work with carers to make sure that any treatments or home-care arrangements are going to be manageable in all aspects.

I also appreciate how important the final moments together can be, and, when the time comes, intend to make that time as peaceful as possible for all involved.

I am really looking forward to meeting more grey muzzles in the future.


To learn more about Dr Liz, and the services we run, or to book an appointment with her in North East London, click here.


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