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Henry ❤️

Our beloved Henry was the life and soul of our family for over 12 years. When he fell sick we were devastated and couldn’t imagine losing him, we knew we wanted to do everything as right as we possibly could by him, which meant making a tough call.

Nothing could have made losing him less painful but my god did Roundwood make it easier to come to terms with.

Dr Emma gained our trust straight away and had such a comforting aura, for both us and Henry. She made it meaningful and got us to remember all of his happy moments and characteristics, she gave us comfort in knowing we’d made the right choice. Dr Emma also took her time and talked us through each stage in a calming way.

For Henry, it meant he was no longer in pain and his lasting moments were in the comfort of his favourite place, surrounded by the people who love him.

We were also deeply touched by the cards, words, and tokens of sympathy Dr Emma sent out to us while we were grieving. They put so much genuine thought and care into the entire process and it’s clear how much pets mean to them.

We are forever grateful to Roundwood and Dr Emma for their amazing services and hope they know the wonderful value they add to the world!

We couldn’t recommend them more. Thank you so much, Roundwood!”

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