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Memorial Wall

This is a special place where you can share your memories of your pets, and where we can share our stories from time to time.

Buster ❤️

To our dear Buster, we say goodbye for now, knowing that one day we will be reunited.

Henry ❤️

Our beloved Henry was the life and soul of our family for over 12 years. When he fell sick we were devastated and couldn’t imagine losing him, we knew we wanted to do everything as right as we possibly could by him, which meant making a tough call.

Arky ❤️

After my then-partner died of cancer in 2012, I promised her I would look after Arky.

Lady Lillian ❤️

She was our little trooper, with us for 18 years.

Troy ❤️

After 16 and a half years of loving Troy, today he gained his angel wings and crossed the rainbow bridge. He has been by my side since I was 10 years old and I truly will never love another dog how I loved him.

Oscar ❤️

Oscar was a beautiful sweet boy inside and out.

Leo ❤️

I cannot fault the service we received from Roundwood, from the initial contact right through to Dr Emma coming to our home to send Leo on his final journey.

Louie Bailiss ❤️

Louie was one of a kind he was my best friend and I'm going to miss him so much, I will miss his snoring and eating like a little pig, he loved playing out doors in the summer and loved sunbathing.

Bella Taylor ❤️

We kind of rescued Bella at 18 months old she was a big girl and full of muscle she was brought home by her previous owners the day they brought their baby home and was never walked or socialised,

Bruno Crothers ❤️

He was such a wonderful friend and companion who settled the minute we brought him home from the rescue

Raven Jeffreys ❤️

It was a difficult decision to have Raven put to sleep but the time was right for him to leave us.

Dylan Dillingham ❤️

Dylan the Villain, my darling boy.

You are loved, missed, and spoken of every single day...

Smurf ❤️

I miss her like mad, I'm slowly coming to terms with her not being by my side, as she always was... Although as long as I remember her, she will be here with me...

Banjo Edwards ❤️

My darling Banjo……thanks for all the love you gave. I miss you. You remain in my heart. Enjoy running in those fields and chasing squirrels. Xx

Lilli Preston ❤️

Lilli, our precious angel, there was never going to be a day that we would be ready to say goodbye, in a blink of an eye we had 15 joyous years with you...

Buddy Shelley ❤️

I felt I had to write to thank Dr Emma for her care and compassion when we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Buddy yesterday.

From the moment of her arrival until she left she did everything she could to make this difficult time as easy as possible...

Bella Lee ❤️

Whilst making a very difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to our dearest Bella of nearly 16 years, the other decision was finding someone attentive & sympathetic that would travel to our home so that Bella had no stress or anxiety travelling...

Daisy Bourhabi ❤️

Daisy was a wonderful, caring member of our family. 12 years ago she adopted us, after turning up at our door out of the blue, covered in fleas. We took her in and daisy made herself at home. We never looked back. We had some amazing memories with her in our family...

Scooby O'Brien ❤️

I miss my little buddy Scooby, dearly. He was so full of mischief, loved being outdoors going on long hikes and was always sniffing for the scent of something he could chase. He was the most placid & gentle dog I ever met...

Lisa O'Riordan ❤️

Lisa was the calmest member of our family and she will be forever missed and loved...

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