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Saying Goodbye - Hospice care & Euthanasia

As our pets get older, medicine doesn't always have the answers and despite everyone's best effort, the time we have left with our pets is eventually measured in days and weeks, not years. 

Pet hospice is what we call our service for helping your pet and family to experience a better end of life transition. While nothing stops this being a heart-breaking time, there is much that can be done to make sure your pet has a peaceful, comfortable and dignified sunset at the end of life.

Our compassionate team will help you with advice on things like pain management and mobility. But we'll also help you to make the big decisions together and ensure that you have all the support and guidance you need when the time comes to say goodbye.

Using a combination of tele-advice and in home visits we can make sure your old pet is stress free and lives a good life, right up to the end. You can book an appointment with one of our specially trained hospice team today by calling 0800 0495944. Or complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a call back.

How do I know when it's time to say goodbye?

Making the decision to put a beloved pet to sleep is the hardest, most heart-wrenching decision a pet owner can make. Our pets are members of our families after all and it can feel like a betrayal, or even playing god.


It’s important to remember that, above all, euthanasia (the act of helping a pet pass peacefully from this life) is an act of compassion and love that can prevent the unnecessary pain and anguish for your pet and family.


The hard part is knowing when is the right moment to say goodbye.

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What is Pet Hospice?

Pet Hospice is a service for pets when they are entering the end of their life. A time when medicine, testing and treating are futile and instead of trying to cure a pet, we accept that the end is inevitable and so our focus shifts to making sure the last days of life are good days.

It's a relatively new concept in veterinary medicine and we are one of the only veterinary practices to offer this service.

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Saying goodbye - a peaceful end of life experience.

Saying goodbye to a cherished member of your family is first and foremost an act of love and kindness. And while it is never an easy thing to do, we believe it should be a pleasant experience for your pet and your family.


One of the things many families struggle with is the fear of the unknown. What does the euthanasia appointment mean? What happens? Will it hurt? There are many, many questions.


We address those and more in this article.