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In-Home Palliative Care and Euthanasia Services For Terminally Ill and Elderly Pets

We help your family make the courageous decision to free your pet from suffering, giving space to grieve, heal and remember with love.

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Understanding You and Your Pet

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye - In Home Euthanasia

As our pets get older, medicine doesn't always have the answers and despite everyone's best effort, the time we have left with our pets is eventually measured in days and weeks, not years. Learn how we can help here.

An old man with his senior dog
A photo of a golden retriever dog walking along a road

Helping Your Senior Pet

Is your pet getting a little grey around the muzzle or slowing down on walks a bit? As your pet ages, it's important to understand what's happening and how you can make the adaptations that help them to keep on enjoying life. Learn how to help older pets live well here.

An old, ginger cat, curled up asleep

Remembered With Love

Pets leave indelible marks on our lives. While their time with us may be too short, we can help them to live on in our hearts and minds. Our memorial wall is dedicated to the many loved pets who may be gone but will never be forgotten. 

About Us

Our Mission for Better Goodbyes

Roundwood Pet Hospice is a compassionate and caring end-of-life care service. We are specially trained in palliative care medicine and will come to your home to help you say goodbye to a loved family pet. We are all huge lovers of senior pets and have dedicated our lives to caring for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Our vets are incredibly friendly and kind people who care not just for your pet, but also your family. We understand how hard it is to say goodbye to a pet, because we are all pet owners too. It would be our honour to help you and your pet live well, right to the very end. Contact us to arrange an appointment today.

Dr Emma Clark, an end-of-life veterinarian, with her two dogs

Booking An Appointment

Whether you are a vet looking to refer a client to our service, or a pet owner who needs our help, the first port of call is to contact us. You can do that by calling us directly or by using our booking form. Simply click either button below to call a Care Coordinator or complete the booking request form. If you complete the form, we will call you back within 30 minutes during our regular opening hours. 


Kind Words

A photo of an elderly cat with their owner

Steve's Mum, Horatia

My thanks go to you and the team in walking me through Stephen’s last months. You all made a very difficult time very much easier. I have rarely come across so much compassion and understanding. I have recommended you and the team to every pet owner I know.

A portrait photo of a dog

Sitka’s Mum, Nahia

The end of life consultation that I had with you was what I needed to feel more confident I was making the right choice with euthanasia. This was a decision I was having to make alone, and I was experiencing so much doubt and guilt.

A photo of an elderly cat with their owner

Poppy’s Mum, Elizabeth

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for the support given to me and my beloved Poppy when she was put to sleep. The care received was outstandingly good. Throughout the process I felt free to talk to Poppy and blubber my goodbyes to her without inhibition. You have no idea how much that meant to me.

Where to Find Us

Our Service Areas

At Roundwood Pet Hospice, we offer palliative care and in-home euthanasia services to pet owners in several areas across the UK. Our current service areas are listed below.

Dr Emma Clark, an end-of-life veterinarian, with her two dogs

Worried your pet may be struggling? Reach out to our team today.

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