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In-home Euthanasia & Palliative Care for Pets in Liverpool & Chester

Roundwood Pet Hospice will be offering in-home euthanasia and end-of-life care services to pet owners in Liverpool and Chester.


We provide in-home quality-of-life assessments and advice, pain management, and in-home euthanasia for elderly pets and pets struggling with terminal diseases. 

Our empathetic team is available to discuss your pet's needs, and offer support from 9am - 6pm Mon to Fri (excluding bank holidays) and 10am - 2pm Sun.


If you have any questions, call us on 0800 049 5944. ​ Please note, we are not an emergency service. If you require urgent assistance, please contact your local emergency vet.


Dr Sarah

Dr Sarah is the newest member to join the Roundwood Pet Hospice team. 

Sarah graduated as a vet at Liverpool University in 2011 and later gained a PhD at Harper Adams University in antioxidants in animals. Since then Sarah has been working as a vet in the Isle of Man and North Wales.  

​Her top veterinary 'superpowers' are empathy, care, and support. 

Sarah joined us as an end-of-life care veterinarian in January 2024.


"On a personal level, I feel I can really make a difference to the lives of the owners and their pets and make a painful experience much more bearable for all parties concerned."


Liverpool Service Area

We currently offer our service in the following postal code areas in Liverpool and Chester:

L23 L21 L24 L29 L3 L33 L17 L34 WA11 WA9 WA1

L72 L75 L30 L74 L32 L28 L35 WA10 WA8

L22 L20 L67 L15 L12 L36 L27 WA6 WA7

L4 L39 L9 L7 L14 L25 L26 WN8 WA2

L6 L31 L11 L71 L16 L18 L25 WN4 WA5

L5 L10 L13 L8 L18 L19 WA12 WA4

CH48 CH45 CH27 CH25 CH1 CH65 CW8

CH61 CH47 CH46 CH44 CH42 CH70 CH34 CW7

CH29 CH30 CH41 CH62 CH4 CH99 CW9

CH28 CH49 CH43 CH64 CH34 CH2 CW10

CH31 CH63 CH26 CH5 CH66 CH88

CH60 CH64 CH66 CH3 CH3 CW6

Dr Sarah Woods, an end of life care veterinarian

Worried your pet may be struggling? Reach out to our team today.

Kind Words

An image of an elderly black labrador on the beach


Callie was euthanised on Monday and the vet who came home to us, couldn’t have been any kinder. She gave us all the time we needed, treating Callie with respect, care and compassion. It was a loving, peaceful end to a life well lived. We will miss her everyday. 

Thank you to everyone at Roundwood Pet Hospice, your understanding and empathy helped at such a difficult time.

An image of a black and gold elderly cat


Thank you so much for your support during this stressful time and for a lovely card. 

I feel that in her last minutes, Banshee was surrounded by our love and passed peacefully.


Thank you again for an important work you are doing and I hope the above will help you to help even more pets and their families.

An image of a small white dog being stroked by its owner


I would like to say a huge thank you to Roundwood, from the initial phone conversation, through to the final goodbye, the service was outstanding.


Saying goodbye to our Reggie after almost 15yrs was utterly heartbreaking, however, Roundwood Pet Hospice somehow made it easier for us.

Dr Sarah Woods, an end of life care veterinarian

Book an Appointment with Dr. Sarah

To book an appointment with Dr Sarah in Liverpool or Chester, simply click the button below to call our Care Coordinator, or fill out the booking form below and receive a call back within 30 minutes during our opening hours. 

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