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A photo of a dog with a stick standing in a stream

Grey Muzzle Lovers Blog

Our blog offers expert guidance, support, and insights for pet owners navigating this difficult journey. Find comfort, knowledge, and resources to honor your beloved companion.

An elderly ginger cat asleep on a blanket

Our Memorial Wall

Pets leave indelible marks on our lives. While their time with us may be too short, we can help them to live on in our hearts and minds. Our memorial wall is dedicated to the many loved pets who may be gone but will never be forgotten. 

An elderly golden retriever asleep on a blanket

Our Ebook for Pet Owners

Our Ebook, Every Last Second, provides a guide for families living with terminally ill pets. Helping them live well, right to the very end. Written by Dr Dave Nicol, our Founder, the Ebook will equip you with all the knowledge you need to ensure your beloved pet is comfortable, right until the end.​

An elderly golden retriever with their owner and a vet

Partner Practice CPD

Are you looking to improve your knowledge of end-of-life care for your patients? In our short three-part course, our lead veterinarian and end-of-life care vet, Dr Emma Clark, teaches you all about caring for elderly and/or terminally ill pets.

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