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Every Last Second eBook

A guide for families living with terminally ill pets. Helping them live well, right to the very end.

Written by Dr Dave Nicol, Founder of Roundwood Pet Hospice.

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Topics in this free eBook include:

  • Defining and Understanding Terminal Illness in Pets

  • Treatment Options and Pain Management

  • Nutrition, Hygiene and Exercise for Terminally Ill Pets

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Resources including Support Groups


Meet the Author: Dr Dave Nicol

Dr. Dave Nicol is the Founder of Roundwood Pet Hospice with 25 years of veterinary expertise under his belt. He is passionate about helping pets live well to the end in order to leave families with enduring, happy memories. In Dave's 'spare' time, he runs his own practice and empowers other veterinary professionals through his speaking, writing and consulting. 

About Roundwood Pet Hospice

Roundwood Pet Hospice exists to help pets live well right to the end and leave families with enduring, happy memories. As hospice care vets we’re focused on the end of a pet’s life when diagnostics or surgery are no longer needed. We solely focus on end-of-life care advice, palliative medicine and in-home euthanasia.

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