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Bella Lee ❤️

Whilst making a very difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to our dearest Bella of nearly 16 years, the other decision was finding someone attentive & sympathetic that would travel to our home so that Bella had no stress or anxiety travelling.

Dr Emma was the perfect choice, she came to our home at the appointed time so there was no extra anxiety for the family, she confirmed to us that we were making the right decision at the right time and gave us as much time as we wanted with Bella.

Bella lay in her bed eating cake!! surrounded by her family and loving the moment, she gently fell asleep very peacefully, we couldn't have asked for more.

Dr Emma telephoned a few days later to check-in with us to ensure everyone was coping, we also received a lovely hand written card with some lovely words, it was as though we had known Dr Emma for years (Unfortunately she wasn't Bella's vet) but we wish she had been.

Thank you Dr Emma and all your team at Roundwood Pet Hospice.

Jacqueline Lee.

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