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Bella Taylor ❤️

We kind of rescued Bella at 18 months old she was a big girl and full of muscle she was brought home by her previous owners the day they brought their baby home and was never walked or socialised, Bella was a handful but not in an aggressive way and it took a good year to get her where she needed to be, she was the most loyal dog and her main aim in life was to please us. Unfortunately, Bella was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, she was around 7 and it was only slight lameness so we decided to manage it rather than operate. Last summer Bella ruptured her cruciate ligament on one of her back legs and tore the other one, we noticed a rapid decline in her mobility she had pain relief but it got to a point where they weren't touching it. We were recommended to Roundwood by our vet, as Bella was not a good patient and I didn't want her last memory to be of the vet surgery. Calling Roundwood was the best day's work I have ever done, Dr Emma was kind and professional and made our whole heartbreaking experience of saying goodbye to Bella the best it could ever have been. My friend who came to offer support said she felt privileged to have been here that day. I cannot thank everyone at Roundwood enough for the support and help you have given to us as a family. This was the last photo I took of Bella she was just beautiful x many thanks to you all Jackie Taylor

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